Friday, April 23, 2010

It's decided.

We're moving to Tampa.
Sa's accepted the job.
It's going to be great, it really is.
This is a HUGE opportunity for him.
It will give us time to be just us.

We will get plenty of this

and this

possibly even see a few of these


Oh, and I SO hope we see one of these

Why Hello, Barbara Manatee...

Every day that the move gets closer
I find myself realizing how much I'll miss this

and this

not to mention this yummy little heaven

The part that gets me the most though

Oh my friends...
you are all SO wonderful.
Will I find friends like you?

and family
i can't even think about it

life with out these crazy wonderfuls

we share the bonds only sister in laws can understand

and her...

FamilyPhotoShoot-042.jpg picture by stanclan

Seriously though, the ONLY thing making it ok to leave her is that she's moving in June too.

And these two...

Well, I'm just not ready to even think about leaving them.
I just can't do it with out crying.


Rae said...

I'm so sorry you're sad; unfortunately I'm very familiar (more than I want to be) with the feelings of having to relocate...but I know you can do it! With joy! With hope! With panache! :)

iMaLLheaRt said...

I'm sad too. Although we don't hang out a're truly such an amazing person that you and your family will be missed by EVERYONE that knows you. BUT since you are so amazing, you won't have any problem making awesome friends in your new place! Love you!

Ash said...

You will love it! Alligators and ALL!!!

: )

JuSaMee said...


this blog just broke me down...broke me down to the ground julie brown!!!!! lol!! the timing of this move couldn't have been worse (or maybe it is for the best???) for me and what i've been going through! through all our ups and get me! i know all my sis-in-laws in a different way and no matter where certain relationships are right now...i feel confident in who and how i know each and everyone of you...but you, you get me in a different way and there are days that i feel like you and only you can understand!! now that the time is coming so close i'll see a random something...smell a random something...taste a random something and i'm immediately taken back in time to a wonderful family something...i LOVE it and i HATE it!! physically you folks will be sooo far away, but i never, ever want us to be far away from each other emotionally!! got it!! today i'm regretting any drama, any wasted time being mad, being petty, being immature...but i don't wanna dwell on any of that. gotta live AND learn, right? it is because of all those times i can appreciate where we are's because of all those times i know that i never wanna be like that again...

and brother sa...growing up with no brothers made marrying into a family with SOO many such a huge blessing! but sa...he'll always have a special place in my heart! he was there with me and taei on our first!! i've watched him grow (seriously, cuz there was once a day when i was taller than him...believe it!)...physically, spiritually, emotionally into an amazing, amazing man. husband. father. friend. we're all so blessed to have him in our lives, but you and the kids are SOO blessed to have him how you do...

and you're amazing...and CRAZY! every time your kids do something so wacky, so outta left field that i didn't see coming i always say, "that's molly!" lol!! i'm gonna miss your silly impressions, your dramatic re-enactments, and your humdingers!! but you're right...this move will allow you guys to BE you the mom, the wife...the person you are! cuz no matter what i think, or he thinks, or SHE are you! wife to sa, mommy to reed, brooklyn, eli, deacon, cha cha, and #6...and who am i or any of us to say what is right...or wrong??? be you, cuz you are GREAT!

sa promised you guys would be back in two pressure, but i'm holding you to it!! you have my permission to leave as long as your coming!!

so...SO...SOO...SOOO love you guys!!

Jake Emy Nikko Baby said...

Well, I have been out of the loop! I'm really going to start following FB and blogs!! Congratulations on the move! That's exciting! OK- also, did I read somewhere that there is another girl Tanuvasa to be joining the family or did I see an old post? If it's true, WOW! If not, still WOW for everything else! Congrats!!!! I'll be watching! :) Emy!

Sarendipity~ said...

Heh... Barbara Manatee...
I hope you're settling in well! We all miss you!