Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Email to Daddy

Today while at work, Sa sent the family the sweetest email letting us all know that he's thinking about us and missing us.

The kids decided to write him back...

Blue=Reedy Purple=Brookie Green=Eli Orange=Deacon

Dear daddy
thank you for writing a letter to us. We love you very much. thank you dad for letting us play and play and be the best kids for the whole day of my life. Thank you for saying all this good stuff about us and we love you. Thank you daddy for trying to keep us safe and sound. Thank you for fixing computers and thank you for letting us have the xbox360 if we be good. I love dad. I love daddy because I love daddy. Thank you daddy for taking us to the doctors and seeing Charlotte so we could see her eyes open and thank you for doing a good job being nice and playing with us and being kind. Thank you for making money for us. I love you daddy 'cause you make money and you make me feel very very good inside. Thank you daddy for taking us to our cousin's house and letting us go to grandma's house sometimes. Thank you for letting us play our DS so many times and be good children and be the best kids in the world and thank you for letting Reedy have the preisthood. Thank you for doing a good job and being nice and playing soccer with me and being good and love mommy. I love you because you are a great man and you play with me a lot. Daddy, I love you 'cause you work very hard and you try your best to work and not miss your work you have to do at where you work.


-love-your kids