Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Have you seen the hilarity that is "Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog"? My sister introduced me to this a while ago and I'm so thrilled I just found it on It stars Neil Patrick Harris. Please give it a gander. I promise you'll be hooked after the first number! It even made Sa laugh, and I'd say he's a pretty good measuring stick for what's funny in the world. And this is, people...this is.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

dead filter = dead fish

Rest in Peace Lucas, Gravy, and Sunkist...

Chuck, you beast, your the only one left now...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Coming soon...Reed's Baptism!!!

Reed is getting baptized THIS Saturday! 2:00pm at Temple Beach!

(Reed and his best friend Kainoa at Kainoa's baptism)

One Month Old

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Super Citizen, Valentines Boy and the Great Aloha Run...

Ok, so I've got some catching up to do....where to start?

Brooklyn was Super Citizen for the month of January. She was SO excited. She's been hoping she would be chosen ever since school started. They hold an assembly every month to honor the super citizens. It's kind of a big deal...

Next up: Reedy's Birthday!!! Reedy turned 8 on Feb 14. I can't believe my little boy has gotten so big. He is such a special kid. Having Reed has changed my life in so many ways and has made me strive to become a better person. He is the most amazing big brother and such a big help around the house. He's so tender and caring and such a complete goof ball. Just the thought of him makes me smile. I love him to pieces and I can't believe he's growing up. I am so proud of who he is.For his birthday, he wanted to go out to his favorite restaurant, The Old Spaghetti Factory. He loves it there because he is positively bananas for their tortellini. You know they are getting old when the kid's menu no longer cuts it. We took all our kids and my dad, sis, niece and nephew. It was a perfect way to celebrate.

Last of all, on Feb 19th I participated in the Great Aloha Run! It's a course that runs from Aloha Towers to the Stadium...8.15miles. I thought it would be a great way to celebrate Charlotte turning 4 weeks old! My dad and I went down together and I walked the course with my sister in laws, friends, and nieces.

Before the Race:
The girls...Nanu and Teyana (my 12 and 13 yr old neices), friends:Emily, Tiffany, Sister in Laws: Samantha and Jolena. That's Charlotte in the stroller.

Charlotte and me.


We made it!!! WOOHOO!!!

My Dad, Charlotte and Me...he beat us big time!