Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Year! New Us!

Well I have taken over this blog.  Molly is super busy but here is what you have missed the last two years.  So we live in Florida for now.  I have been working in the IT industry for about five years now and I can honestly say that it is as hard as it looks.  I spend most my time looking at a screen in doors about 8-9 hours a day.  It's not to bad though, there are a lot of people out of work and I thank God that I have a way to support my family.

As for the kids they are doing awesome.  Yes, they are still home schooled and they love it.  So lets go down the list.

Reddy Boy is now 12 and he is in scouts.

Still a local boy, does everything in slippers or barefoot.  Probably the most responsible 12 year old I know!!!

Brokie Sue is 9 and going to be 10 in a few weeks.  As beautiful as her mom and smart like her to.  She probably reads about 2 books every week.

El-i well what can I say other then pure energy, but the kid is a awesome athlete and smart boy.  To this day he is the only one out of the six that can repeat what I say word for word when we have the kids clean. 

Ultimate's, our baby boy.  He is two years younger than Eli but almost the same size.  He is a gentle giant and loves his mama.  

CharChar Binks, a bubble of joy.  Never a sad moment in this kids life, I wish I had her attitude about life innocent, fun.  Always willing to share her love but not her grandma.

And last but not least is type 3.  We call her type 3 because she is very direct (even though she is two) very to the point about things.  There is no grey area with this one and she lets you know about it.

Then there are the ring leaders of this crazy circus and if you happen to catch a glimpse of them in public your in luck.  They are typically nocturnal and most of there sighting have been at corner gas stations getting massive amounts of energy drinks, chili cheese nachos and donuts.  Nah, only jokes.  Moo and I have been happily married going on twelve years now and going strong.  Molly has done some amazing things in this last year and continues to amaze and inspire people, but I will let her tell you in her new blog that is following her weight loss journey.  If you are looking for inspiration, and amazing recipe's check her blog out.  I mean come on six kids, home schools them, also a homemaker, MT (Master Trainer).  I could keep going on but I need to get to bed.  Well that's what we have been up to.  Write a comment and look for Mols blog I will post it in the next post.



Rach said...

ok I totally love that you SA, are writing the blog now. I keep waiting for updates. and SO....utah? no? just wondering if there are big changes coming for you guys? we are dying without our local friends! Can't wait to see Molly's blog!

TanuvasaCasa said...

Thanks Rach! Yeah, things weren't gonna workout between the Bank and I. We are in the same boat, we miss all of our friends from back home. We will probably move to Virginia in a few months. A company up there promised me a management/director type position to implement the software I develop for but we will see. Hawaii is always the goal but it is nice to be away and show the kids all the cool things out here. How is Jase and the kids doing? Tell Jase I ride my board everyday love that thing and I need to buy more Jase board shirts they rock! You Guys take care hope to see you guys when we come out there!

Naihe Family said...

SWEET!!! your blogging!!! I love all the pics!! Miss y'all tons!!! Best of luck in everything!!!

Carol Yuen said...

Sa! I love that you're updating the blog! You are awesome! Pretty cool about you doing Crossfit! I've always wanted to do it but there's nothing out here in Laie/Kahuku/Hauula area (that I know of anyway). Glad to see you guys are all doing well! Keep up the updates! Hope to see you guys if you ever come back out to Hawaii!!

JuSaMee said...

I'm gonna ditto everyone else and say that I LOVE that Sa is updating the blog! It's always wonderful to hear a husbands/fathers prespective on the family! Although I do miss Mz. Molly's wacky posts!!

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and MISS you guys mucho!! I was just thinking the other day that it's already been 2 months since we were there...time flies waaaay too fast! I definitely wanna come visit you guys again soon!!

And just like Molly would've, you've totally down played the amazingness of yourself Sa! You two are awesome examples of love, parents, patience!! Get home quick!!

P.S. I do miss the late night junk food runs...but shhhhh don't tell AR, I don't wanna get Molly busted!!! Hahahahahaha!!

Edward Zheng Yi said...

Love your Blog Post!

Bryan Mick said...

Sa! jacob Avilla and I were just talking and wondering where in the world you are. Hope you check this site sometimes. Email me at if so!