Friday, June 18, 2010

Links I Love!

Since temporarily moving in with my mom, some aspects of my life have SERIOUSLY gotten google reader to be exact! I'm SO behind on so many of my favorite blogs. I've spent some time tonight catching up on a few and holy smokes, thems is some good good posts! Here's some of the links off my blogger that I love.

This "tough guy tee" from iammommahearmeroar is adorable, but what I love most is here bleach technique. I just have to give this a try!

Even while living at Grandma's house, summer boredom occasionally sets in. I love this "Mom, I'm bored!" jar from skiptomylou. While you're at it, check out her homemade cupcake wrappers made from a cricut machine. Seriously, you'll want to throw a party just so you have a reason to make them!

Lookin' to spice up your marriage but have a budget you have to stick to? Look no further than Love, Actually. She has the CUTEST ideas for dates and simple things you can do to woo him all over again. I'm looking forward to being back with Sa so I can give this idea a try. Since you're there, you might as well take a peek at this idea...I DARE you to make one!

And of course, anyone with any ideas about homeschooling, feel free to drop by my other blog, howdoihomeschool...I could SERIOUSLY use your help.


a mermaid said...

ok that love, actually blog is awesome! i need to cheese it up more with thomas robertson so thank you. i already have a bunch of ideas i want to do and those eight little love notes are printed up and scattered about our house as i type this.

also, i came by your old house yesterday because i didn't realize you were staying with your mom until you go. can you email me her address so i can make sure to get your book to you before you go? it's sitting in the good old minivan- ready to come back to it's mama. :)

Sarendipity~ said...

Can't wait to hear from you again! Hope all's well in your new home!

suzamna hezequiel said...

Cute! Lovely family! Great idea making such an intimate blog... Thanks for sharing. Suzamna Greetings from PORTUGAL