Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Christmas Eve Visitor!

By the time Christmas Eve rolled around, Sa and I were getting a bit overwhelmed with all the things to do, so we decided to take a quick breather and go down to the beach. Living as close as we do to Alligator Pond, it's easy to run down for 20 minutes and come back home totally refreshed and ready to face it all! So, we take all 5 youngin's down there and look who was there waiting for us:

Look at him, sunning his belly!
I LOVE it!


Kahilau said...

How fun is that? Molly, I read your sweet comment, really you are too much cause I was feeling the same way about you, always have! I was ecstatic when Heavenly Father chose you to work with me in the RS. I have always marveled at everything you do with such style and love. I love that you and Sa have been able to make it and thrive in Hawaii. I did not have the courage to try! Thank you for being my friend!

snbjork said...

Goodness, I miss Hawaii when I see posts like this!

liko said...

i just read stef's last post about your hiking adventure. are you all alright??

stef j. said...

NO WAY!!!!! that's SO awesome!!